SkudoBoard HT

Rigid Protection

SkudoBoard HT is a heavy duty, synthetic, rigid board that provides superior protection under forklift and general construction traffic. Use wherever you would protect your surfaces with Masonite or plywood. Ideal for use under work stations – pipe cutting, finish carpentry, painting.

The textured surface of SkudoBoard HT is fire retardant, water resistant and resists curling and warping – reducing safety hazards on your jobsite. The high compression strength protects from dropping objects and spreads the load under forklifts, keeping your floors safe. It can also be used for extreme vertical

Available Versions

SkudoBoard HT FR

The original rigid SkudoBoard. 

  • Dimensions: 4’ wide x 8’ long
  • Square Footage: 32 sq. ft./board
  • Thickness: 5/16”
  • Color: Grey

SkudoBoard HT FR – Fabric Back

SkudoBoard Fabric Back features a unique fabric underside to make it safer for surface types like tile, stone, marble, vinyl, hardwood, etc. without fear of damage, chips, and scratches.

  • Dimensions: 4’ wide x 8’ long
  • Square Footage: 32 sq. ft./board
  • Thickness: 7/16”
  • Color: Grey

SkudoBoard Interlock – Fabric Back

45” x 45” SkudoBoard with interlocking tabs to hold securely in place.  Easier to handle size for close quarters.  Fabric Back makes it an excellent choice for finished floors.

  • Dimensions: 45″ wide x 45″ long
  • Square Footage: 14 sq. ft./board
  • Thickness: 1/8”
  • Color: Grey

Features & Benefits

  • Water resistant, can be used on exterior surfaces
  • Fire Retardant
  • Test-proven slip resistance in wet conditions (ANSI/NFSI B101.3-2012)
  • Extremely high impact resistance – spreads impact loads
  • Ideal for use under work stations – i.e. pipe cutting, finish carpentry, painting.
  • Ideal for forklift and material cart protection
  • Well suited for protecting floors from work station traffic and debris
  • Light weight, easy to handle and reusable
  • Replaces curling Masonite and plywood
  • Far superior to cardboard protection products
  • Fabric Back version available for additional protection from surface damage

Extremely Durable

Simply use SkudoBoard HT wherever you would protect your surfaces with Masonite or plywood. SkudoBoard HT is ideal for use under work stations – pipe cutting, finish carpentry, painting.

Approved for exterior and interior projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

SkudoBoard HT


What is SkudoBoard HT?

SkudoBoard HT is an engineered heavy duty, synthetic, lightweight rigid board that delivers superior protection from machinery like forklifts, material carts and general construction traffic inside or outside, fully exposed to the elements. SkudoBoard HT is also available in a Fabric Backed version ideal for protecting more damage sensitive surfaces.


What size sheets are available?

SkudoBoard HT Standard and Fabric Back are available in 8 x 4 sheets, HT FR Fabric Back is also available in an Interlocking 45” x 45” sheet.


Why SkudoBoard HT and not Plywood, Masonite or other synthetic boards?

Unlike most other alternatives, SkudoBoard HT is lightweight, slip resistant, fire retardant and water resistant. SkudoBoard HT resists curling and warping, further reducing safety hazards on the job site. SkudoBoard HT is easy to cut with a box knife, and in most cases due to ease of cleaning can be reused.


How is SkudoBoard HT installed?

Simply place and secure using 2-inch Gorilla Tape or similar. Installing 8′ x 4′ sheets offset (brick bond) can improve the stability, particularly where forklifts and other machinery are regularly used.

SkudoBoard HT Interlock (45” x 45”) has interlocking tabs that hold the board securely in place minimizing the need for taping. SkudoBoard HT Interlock (45”x45”) is quick and easy to handle in tight situations like narrow corridors.


Where can I buy SkudoBoard HT?

Click the WHERE TO BUY tab, then click on your location on the map.

*Alternatively call Skudo Customer Service at (972) 993-0777 (toll free: 1-888-758-3611), Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Central Time.