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Protection Challenges

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are especially susceptible to damage from ongoing construction activity, including chipping, cracking, and staining from spills. The cost to repair damaged or broken tile can also be extremely costly.

Skudo provides solutions to help protect from these and other construction site traffic related damage for both wall and floor tile installations.

*Please speak with your Skudo representative before final product selection, as site conditions can influence the final Skudo product choice.

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Skudo Products


Skudo’s self-adhesive Tack-Mats are perfect for commercial and residential tile installation jobs. They can protect ceramic and porcelain tiles from construction traffic, stains, lifts, and ladders for up to 12 months without leaving residue.

Skudo Tack-Mats are available in three levels of protection: Light Traffic (LT), High Impact (HI), and Heavy Traffic (HT) to protect common tile surfaces, such as flooring, counters, walls, and stairs. The final system selection is based on the expected site traffic and required duration for protection.


SkudoBoard (Fabric Back)

SkudoBoard Fabric Back delivers an extremely high level of temporary surface protection for tile on any construction site.

The impact resistance and fire/flame retardant qualities combined with lightweight and easy installation provide a superior solution for long-term tile protection.

SkudoBoard Fabric Back is the go-to system when protection for scratch or impact damage sensitive materials is required. SkudoBoard Fabric Back is available in 4’x8’ sheets and 45”x45” Interlock.