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Protect Doors from Damage and Impact

Skudo’s new Door Defense is the perfect solution to protect doors from damage and impact during construction.

Unlike stop-gap solutions made from random materials, Skudo Door Defense is a purpose-built, weather- and impact-resistant solution. It does not easily tear, puncture, or rip. Velcro tabs (included) secure the Door Defense firmly in place, so it will not come loose and require multiple installations over the duration of the project, saving you time and money.

Skudo Door Defense is available in two versions that can fit up to eight different standard door sizes. It can be reused on multiple projects.

Doors being protected on a construction site with a SkudoUSA door impact protection system

High Impact Protection

High impact door protection from construction traffic, materials, carts, lifts, dirt, splatter, and debris.

Standard Sizes

Fits and protects most standard-sized doors.

Holds Securely

Holds securely in place with Velcro tabs.


Won’t easily puncture, tear, or rip.


Reusable, folds up for easy storage for multiple projects.

How to Apply



Remove the Door Defense from the outer packaging.



Open the middle section slightly while holding the outside panels together.



Carefully slide the middle of the Door Defense over the top of the door. Continue holding onto the side panels.



Once the Door Defense has been placed securely over the top of the door, let go of the side panels, allowing them to cover the length of the door surface.

Door tack mat impact protection during construction


Attach and secure the Velcro straps provided around both sides of the door.

Door tack mat impact protection during construction


This will hold the Door Defense in place for the duration of your project.

door impact protection during construction


The perforated sections allow you adjust the Door Defense to fit different door heights, if required.

door impact protection during construction


If not required, fold the perforated section in during the initial installation process.

door impact protection during construction


Fold up along the line to inside of the Door Defense.

door impact protection during construction


Secure the folded area with Velcro straps to hold in place.

door protection during construction


Cut around door handles and hinges as needed.


Simply release the Velcro straps and slide the Door Defense off the door.

Door Defense can be easily folded and stored away for use on your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Door tack mat impact protection during construction

Product Data

Skudo Door Defense

Both versions are Dark Grey in color and are packaged either as a single unit or in boxes of 5.

SKU: DOOR-80.or.70-30
Fits Door Sizes: 36” x 84” | 36” x 96”

SKU: DOOR-80.or.70-40
Fits Door Sizes: 42” x 84” | 42” x 96” | 44” x 84” | 44” x 96” 48” x 84” | 48” x 96”