All-Terrain Mats

Durable Safe Traffic Zone

All-Terrain mat provides an extremely durable safe traffic zone on loose and unprepared ground on construction sites for use by workers, contractors, and their clients.

All-Terrain Mat provides a heavy duty surface (1/2″ thick) with a free draining structure that allows dirt and water to pass through. This provides a very high level of slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions.

All-Terrain Mat offers excellent durability and resistance to heavy wear and tear. It is available in rolls measuring 40″ wide and 33′ long.

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Perfect for all construction environments

  • Provides a safe walkway over gravel, rocks, mud, snow, and ice.
  • Excellent walk off mat to keep your site and job trailers clean.
  • Test-proven protection against flame & freeze. (FMVSS 302-1998)
  • Directs traffic safely through heavy construction zones.
  • Anti-fatigue properties for workers.
  • Extremely durable construction that allows water and soil to pass through the mat.



Protection for all types of surfaces

All-Terrain mat can be used for all types of interior and exterior construction sites, including sites with heavy rain, mud, snow and ice. The mat’s weight and thickness helps it to stay in place in challenging conditions, and it can also be pegged down if necessary.