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Durable Safe Traffic Zone

Skudo All-Terrain Mat provides an extremely durable traffic zone on loose and unprepared ground on construction sites, safely guiding workers, contractors, and visitors over uneven surfaces like mud, dirt, rocks, sand, snow, metal grating, ice, decks, ramps, and more.

With a heavy duty surface (1/2″ thick), Skudo All-Terrain Mat offers excellent durability and resistance to heavy wear and tear. The mat's free draining structure allows dirt and water to pass through, providing a very high level of slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions. Not only does this help keep everyone on the jobsite safe, but also protects interior spaces (i.e. offices and job trailers) from tracked-in dirt, mud, and debris.

Skudo All-Terrain Mat is currently available in five colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and original Safety Orange.

All Terrain Mat


Extremely durable construction that allows water & soil to pass through the mat.

Stays in Place

Thick & heavy so it stays in place in challenging conditions.

Safe Walkway

Safe walkway over gravel, rocks, mud, snow & ice.


Keeps your site & job trailers clean.

Directs Traffic

Directs floor traffic through heavy construction zones.


Anti-fatigue properties for workers.


Benefits of Use

Skudo products provide protection against:

  • Machinery, carts, ladders, and lifts
  • Scaffolding and shoring
  • Impact from foot traffic and dropped materials
  • Water
  • Spills and stains, including paint, mortar, coffee, cola
  • Rust
  • Mild solvents
  • Mud, dirt, and debris
  • Slip and trip hazards
  • Mold & Bacteria (Select Products)
  • UV (Select Products)
  • Fire and welding sparks (Select Products)

Where can the All-terrain Mat be used?

The Skudo All-terrain Mat is safe to use over pretty much anything!


How to Apply



Skudo All-Terrain Mat is applied by simply holding down the end of the roll and rolling or kicking it out across the area to be covered.



Cut the end of the mat with a knife if needed.



The mat’s thickness and weight will help it to stay in place. If necessary, the mat can be pegged down using landscaping or tent pegs.

Skudo All Terrain Mat in Use


Simply roll up the mat.

Note: When longer or wider walkways or staging areas are a requirement, Skudo All-Terrain Mat can be joined using artificial grass seaming tape (6“ wide) along the length of each roll and at the ends joining sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Terrain Mat - Landscapers

Product Data

Sold by the roll - details below:

  • Part # (Orange) = AT-3K-3.3-33-ORANGE
  • Part # (Red) = AT-3K-3.3-33-RED
  • Part # (Yellow) = AT-3K-3.3-33-YELLOW
  • Part # (Blue, with Logo) = AT-3K-3.3-33-BLUE-logo; (No Logo) AT-3K-3.3-33-BLUE-NL
  • Part # (Green, with Logo) = AT-3K-3.3-33-GREEN-logo; (No Logo) AT-3K-3.3-33-GREEN-NL

40" wide x 33' long 109 sq. ft. coverage area 75 lbs.