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Protection Challenges

One of the biggest issues that contractors face on the job is keeping metal, painted, and stained wooden doors from damage due to impact from ladders, carts, and materials and ongoing construction activity.

*Please speak with your Skudo representative before final product selection, as site conditions can influence the final Skudo product choice.

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Skudo Products

Door Defense

Door Defense is an 84" x 36" envelope cover made from recyclable material that is hung over the door and secured with Velcro.
Door Defense protects the door from impact, scratching, and denting. It can also be reused, reducing cost and waste.


Tack-Mat (HI)

High Impact (HI) Tack Mat is an impact resistant, self-adhering mat that
protects interior doors from damage due to material carts, spills, splatter,
scratching, and denting.



SkudoBoard delivers all the benefits of Door Defense and High Impact (HI) Tack Mat, as well as suitability for doors exposed to the elements.

SkudoBoard is an excellent option for large emergency exit doors in hotels, convention/conference centers, auditoriums, and arenas.