Solutions / Epoxy

Protection Challenges

Newly installed or existing epoxy flooring is prone to damage during construction and renovation.

Purpose-designed Skudo surface protection systems will protect epoxy floors from construction traffic, scratching, and spills without damaging the finished surface.

*Please speak with your Skudo representative before final product selection, as site conditions can influence the final Skudo product choice.


Skudo Products


SkudoBoard delivers an extremely high level of temporary surface protection for epoxy on any construction site. The impact resistance and fire/flame retardant qualities combined with lightweight and easy installation provide a superior solution for long-term protection, even when exposed to the elements.

SkudoBoard is available in three versions: Standard, Fabric Back, and Interlock (Fabric Back).


Commercial System

Skudo Commercial System provides comprehensive temporary epoxy protection from stains, scratches, and construction traffic damage for up to 12 months.

The patented two-part system combines a non-toxic Base Coat and proprietary matting applied directly to the surface and peeled up on completion of the job, leaving a clean, residue-free surface. It is available in 2 grades of protection: Heavy Traffic (HT) and Medium Traffic (MT).

Heavy Traffic (HT) Commercial System is durable, fire/flame retardant, UV resistant, and antibacterial/antimicrobial and delivers consistent curing conditions, minimizing shade variation and curing lines.