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Whether it’s a custom home, a multi-residential mixed-use building, corporate headquarters, or a multi-billion dollar stadium, we have seen (and protected!) it all, no matter the size or scope of the project.

Skudo would be honored to help you figure out the best protection solution for your next project - big or small.

To request an onsite demo or Lunch and Learn for your office or jobsite (or virtual), please fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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AIA Course

Skudo offers a fully accredited AIA CEU course presented in person or virtually, depending on the needs of your office.

In-person sessions are typically conducted as a Lunch and Learn event. See the full course description below and fill out the form to organize an event with one of our knowledgeable Skudo representatives.

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AIA Accredited CEU Course: Protect Your Work

Course: SKU03 – 1 Learning Unit / HSW

Course Description: Surface protection is insurance against damage to a project’s installed materials, saving time and money by keeping jobsite clean up and repair to a minimum.

Proper surface protection protects the bottom line and keeps the profit in the project. It helps ensure the finished project meets or exceeds the architect’s and client’s vision and keeps the jobsite safer for workers. The architect can and should specify the correct protection products.

This course examines the damages known to occur on jobsites and the considerations in choosing a temporary surface protection product.

We will discuss the latest surface protection technology for specific surfaces during all stages of construction, their importance on the jobsite, and how the jobsite circumstances need to be considered when selecting temporary surface protection products.

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AIA Course: Protect Your Work
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