SkudoBoard Column Guard

Flexible Protection for Columns & Pillars

SkudoBoard HT COLUMN GUARD is a heavy duty, synthetic, flexible version of SkudoBoard product line that provides superior protection to columns and pillars during construction. Column Guard protects the surface from damage from splatter, spills, scuff marks, and scratches, carts, supplies and equipment. The textured surface of Column Guard is water resistant and won’t curl, warp, or unravel – reducing safety hazards on your jobsite.

Product Data

SkudoBoard Column Guard

  • Dimensions: 4’ x 250’
  • Square Footage: 1000 sq. ft./roll
  • Product #BOARD-COLUMN-4×250-220#
  • Weight: 200 lbs/roll
  • Thickness:1/8”
  • Color: Black


Features & Benefits

  • Water resistant, approved for exterior use
  • Replaces curling Masonite and plywood
  • Extremely high impact resistance
  • Ideal for forklift and material cart protection
  • Well suited for protecting columns from jobsite traffic and impact
  • Light weight, easy to handle and reusable
  • Far superior to cardboard and plastic protection products

Flexible & Durable

Simply use SkudoBoard Column Guard wherever you would protect your columns with cardboard, plastic,
masonite or plywood.

SkudoBoard Column Guard is approved for both exterior and interior use.