Products Overview

All Skudo products provide a temporary covering to protect finished surfaces from construction site damages, spills and stains.

  1. The Commercial System is a 2 part system consisting of a Base Coat and Mat, ideal for protecting substrates on large commercial jobs for up to 12  months.  Most commonly used on concrete and terrazzo, the Commercial Mat System is also used on tile, marble, stone, hardwood, epoxies and more.  It comes in Heavy and Medium Traffic Grades.  Note – The HT Commercial System can be used outside as it has the most superior UV protection of any Skudo product.
  2. Tack-Mats are our most stain resistant product with a virtually impenetrable laminate coating on the back of the Mat.  Tack-Mat is a simple peel and stick application – the release paper is pulled off to expose a sticky backing which creates a strong bond to most substrates.  There are two varieties of Tack-Mat:
    • Construction Tack-Mat – Available in HT, LT, and High Impact grades (in a variety of sizes). NOTE: Construction Tack Mat also includes the Edge Protect and Counter Mat product lines.
    • Marine Tack-Mat – Available in LT only.
  3. Glass Advanced is a sprayed or rolled on protective film that guards windows, glass and their surrounding fixtures.
  4. Deck Defend is specifically designed to protect Marine surfaces from damages and to keep surfaces clean of foot traffic and mold growth.
  5. All-Terrain Mat provides a safe traffic zone over unprepared and uneven surfaces for construction workers, contractors, and clients.
  6. SkudoBoard HT is a heavy duty, synthetic, rigid board that provides superior protection under forklift and general construction traffic.
  7. Skudo CURE is a curing agent that chemically hardens and dust-proofs concrete for improved abrasion resistance without forming a coating.

Your Skudo representative can help you determine the product most suited to your surface type(s) and construction environment.

Skudo products temporarily adhere to the surface they are protecting.

Nearly all Skudo products temporarily adhere to the surface they are protecting, so dirt, debris and grime cannot get underneath to scratch or damage the protected surface.  

Skudo products peel up upon removal.

Removal is not only easy, but the surface is left undamaged and cleaner than before Skudo was applied.

The Commercial System has the greatest sticking power, so it will take longer to peel up. For this we recommend using the Skudo Mat Puller.

Tack-Mats,  Glass Advanced and Deck Defend adhere more gently, and be can be easily pulled up by hand.

Skudo has a product for most surfaces.

Speak to your Skudo representative to match the right Skudo product to your surface type and construction environment.  For most commonly used products, see our Surface Types information:

Tile & Marble
Hardwood, Laminate & Vinyl
Kitchen & Bath