Temporary Floor Covering and Surface Protection Products

Skudo products protect your worksite

Skudo surface protection products provide solutions to common worksite problems, such as damage to finished surfaces and trip and fall hazards that occur during the construction process. These issues cost you time and money.

All Skudo surface protection products form a secure barrier over the installed surfaces. Trusted temporary floor coverings to ensure floors are safeguarded against construction site-related damages and spills, reducing or eliminating costly repairs to the finished surfaces during the punch list process.

Skudo protects a wide variety of surface types, including concrete, tile, marble, hardwood, vinyl, glass, laminate, LVT, epoxy, railing, metal, and more. Our temporary floor coverings are highly effective in preserving the integrity of these surfaces during the construction process.

Construction workers benefiting from the use of SkudoUSA surface protection products by protecting their concrete flooring

Benefits of Temporary Floor Coverings and Surface Protection Products From Skudo


Reliable surface protection from construction site damage, saving you time, money, and the hassle of a callback at the end of a project.


Skudo offers products that are slip-resistant, fire/flame retardant, and anti-bacterial/anti-microbial, keeping your surfaces and your workers safe.


Holds up to traffic and weather with minimal maintenance.


Some of our products can be reused on multiple projects, saving you money and also helping the environment.

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Construction workers planning a project using surface protection products from SkudoUSA