Macon Auditorium

Surface Type: Carpet, Concrete

Proyect Type: Theater/Auditorium

Contractor: Sheridan Construction

Location: Macon, GA

Sheridan Construction used Carpet Cover, SkudoBoard Fabric Back, and SkudoBoard Column Guard during Phase 1 of renovations at the historic Macon Auditorium in Macon, GA.

Carpet Cover protected the commercial-grade carpet from foot traffic, spills, and stains. SkudoBoard Fabric Back provided high-impact protection under scaffolding and building staging areas. SkudoBoard Column Guard was also used to protect high pillars from damage from equipment, impact, and scuffs/scratches.

The Macon Auditorium is a designated historic site originally built in 1925. The last renovation happened in 1977. In the project’s $6.9 million Phase 1, a structural steel network was erected from the ceiling for a new catwalk and lighting system. Crews sealed the historic mural over the stage to protect it from dust and damage. There will also be fresh paint, flooring, carpet, and wallpaper with new drapes and seat covers expected by 2023.