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Perfect Protection for Stairs and Corners

SkudoBoard Stair Guard and  SkudoBoard Corner Guard are specifically designed to fit perfectly around sharp edges, such as corners, stair treads, and wall edges. Made from the same heavy-duty, synthetic, rigid board as SkudoBoard, these products are lightweight, easy to install, and highly impact-resistant. The fabric-backed underside provides an extra layer of protection from dents, cracks, scuff marks, and scratches caused by carts, equipment, and general construction traffic.

SkudoBoard Stair Guard and SkudoBoard Corner Guard's textured surface is slip—and water-resistant, as well as fire-retardant. The Stair Guard version features safety orange grip tape on the tread for added slip resistance and safety. It is also reusable, saving you time, hassle, and money.

Unlike plywood, flimsy plastic, and cardboard products, SkudoBoard Stair Guard and Corner Guard are resistant to curling and warping, reducing safety hazards on your jobsite. Both solutions have the same compression strength as SkudoBoard, delivering protection from dropping objects and keeping your surfaces safe.

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Perfect Fit

Fits perfectly around corners, stair treads, and wall edges

Water Resistant

Water resistant, can be used on exterior surfaces

Protect Jobsite

Well suited for protecting surfaces from jobsite traffic and debris

Fire & Slip Resistant

Fire Retardant (ASTM E 648 Class 1, 16 CFR 1630) and Test-proven slip resistance in wet conditions (ANSI/NFSI B101.3-2012)

High Impact Resistance

Extremely high impact resistance – spreads impact loads

Light Weight

Light weight, easy to handle and reusable


Benefits of Use

Skudo products provide protection against:

  • Machinery, carts, ladders, and lifts
  • Scaffolding and shoring
  • Impact from foot traffic and dropped materials
  • Water
  • Spills and stains, including paint, mortar, coffee, cola
  • Rust
  • Mild solvents
  • Mud, dirt, and debris
  • Slip and trip hazards
  • Mold & Bacteria (Select Products)
  • UV (Select Products)
  • Fire and welding sparks (Select Products)

Assessment & Suitability

SkudoBoard Stair Guard and Corner Guard should not be used on unprepared, uneven ground.

SkudoBoard Stair Guard and Corner Guard should not be used on freshly placed concrete unless that concrete will be later covered with another finishing product, such as tile, carpet, LVT, etc. Using SkudoBoard Stair Guard or Corner Guard on uncured concrete can lead to curing lines where the pieces are joined.


How to Apply

When protecting stair treads, loose lay the Stair/Corner guard on two stairs, measure the infill requirement, then pre-cut the required amount from SkudoBoard sheets, ready for installation.

From the top, secure the first Stair/Corner Guard to a base of SkudoBoard, protecting the top landing; this acts as an anchor point. Continue down the stairs placing infills and secure with 3” SkudoBoard Tape along the joins. If treads are wider than one Stair/Corner Guard, secure by taping down the seams.

Corner Guard installed on wall returns prone to damage by carts can be secured using 3M command strips or 3” tape if the walls are protected by SkudoBoard, Column Guard, or Tack Mat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Data


Product SKU #BOARD-STAIR-48x11.5x6.5
Weight: 1.5 lbs/pc
Thickness: 1/4”
Color: Light Gray *Includes safety orange grip tape



Dimensions: 48” x 6” x 6”
Weight: 1.25 lbs/pc
Thickness: 1/4”
Color: Light Gray

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