Ismaili Center

Surface Type: Concrete, Decks & Unprepared Ground, Windows | Glass | Metal

Proyect Type: Worship

Contractor: McCarthy Building Companies

Location: Houston, TX

McCarthy Building Companies used a powerful combination of SkudoBoard, Column Guard, All-Terrain Mat, and Glass Advanced to protect valuable surfaces while the construction was underway at Houston’s Ismaili Center project. SkudoBoard provided vertical protection for walls and corridors, while Column Guard was used over concrete columns. All-Terrain Mat kept outside ramps and walkways safe in slippery, stormy, and muddy conditions. Glass Advanced protected large windows and metal framing from dirt and splatter.

The Ismaili Center building project (the first in the United States) includes 11 acres of exterior gardens, courtyards, and terraces. The 5-story, 150,000 sq. ft. building has a central atrium, interior courtyards, a prayer room, a library, a social hall, a theater, classrooms, offices, and a café and kitchen. There is also a 600-car garage located underneath the gardens.