How to Apply

Check out each product’s application page to learn the details.

Skudo products each are applied to temporarily adhere to the surface they are protecting.  

The Skudo Commercial Systems are sold with 5 Gallon Buckets of Base Coat (either Concrete Base Coat or Standard) and 6 1/2 foot rolls of the selected Skudo Mat grade (HT, MT or LT).

Skudo Tack-Mats are 3 1/2 foot rolls and are a one part system with a backing that is peeled off.

Skudo Glass Advanced and Skudo Deck Defend are liquids provided in 5 Gallon buckets that are rolled or sprayed on.

Skudo All-Terrain Mats are 3 1/2 foot wide rolls that are simply rolled out over an area, anchoring down if needed.