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Durable Loose-Lay Protection System

Skudo General Purpose (GP) Mat is a durable and extremely versatile loose-lay protection system that can be used on various surface types, including polished concrete, tile, and hardwood floors.

Skudo GP Mat is breathable and offers sturdy protection against construction site foot traffic, carts, staged building materials, ladders, storage areas, spills, and splatter.

Skudo GP Mat is available in two widths depending on your project needs. It is designed to protect surfaces from damage for up to six months.

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Fire/Flame Retardant

According to 16 CFR 1630 standards

Substrate Compatibility

Use over multiple surface types


Protection against bacteria and molds that cause infection. (ISO-20743)


Breathable protection layer

Spill Resistant

Protects the surface from small spills of water, paint, oil, and other liquids

Safer Working Surface

Slip-resistant surface that also protects from foot traffic, carts, and materials

How to Apply

  1. Ensure your surface is clean and dry before you lay Skudo General Purpose (GP) Mat.
  2. Kick the roll out in a straight line to create the first row.
  3. When starting the second row, ensure to overlap the first row of matting, using the dotted lines as a guide.
  4. Tape along the seams to secure the mat to itself, preventing dust, dirt, and debris from getting in underneath.
  5. Complete each row as above until your surface is covered.
  6. For additional impact protection, we recommend placing SkudoBoard over the top of the GP Mat.
  7. We also recommend sufficiently securing/weighing down the mat/board around the perimeter of the protected area to minimize the risk of displacement.
  8. When installing loose-lay over concrete, avoid excessive taping on the overlap of the matting, to minimize the possibility of hydration marks.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Data

Skudo General Purpose (GP) Mat

6.5 ft. W x 123 ft. L
Coverage: 800 SF
Color: Emerald Green
SKU: GP-6.5-123
Weight: 70 lbs./Roll

3.3 ft. W x 123 ft. L
Coverage: 400 SF
Color: Emerald Green
SKU: GP-3.3-123
Weight: 35 lbs./Roll