Skudo CURE

Penetrating Curing Agent

Skudo CURE is a curing agent that chemically hardens and dust-proofs concrete for improved abrasion resistance without forming a coating.

Skudo CURE is recommended on newly placed concrete to add initial water and stain repellency while retaining slab moisture for improving curing. Skudo CURE requires no UV light for dissipation and can be used with integrally colored concrete.

Harsh chemical strippers or aggressive metal bond abrasives are no longer needed to remove Skudo CURE like traditional topical curing products.

Greatly Improve Curing of New Concrete

  • Improves cure by retaining slab moisture
  • Drastically reduces crazing and map cracking
  • High penetrating, non-film forming – no need to grind or chemically remove layer to seal and burnish
  • Forms hydrophobic barrier and increases stain repellency
  • Greatly improves abrasion resistance
  • Helps reduce efflorescence and minimizes dust for healthier indoor air quality
  • Replaces traditional Cure & Seal products on new concrete
  • Coverage rate is approximately 1,000-1,500 sq. ft. per gallon

Specifications & Coverage Information

Product Specifications

Application: Spray & Microfiber pad

Appearance: Milky liquid

VOC: Compliant (1g/l)

Shelf life: 1 year

Solvent: Water-based


Packaging Specifications & Coverage

5 Gallon RTU (Ready to Use) Container:

  • Product SKU: CT-CURE-5GAL
  • Shipping weight: 50 lbs
  • Coverage (sq. ft./gal): 5,000 – 7,500

55 Gallon RTU (Ready to Use) Container:

  • Product SKU: CT-CURE-55GAL
  • Shipping weight: 550 lbs
  • Coverage (sq. ft./gal): 55,000 – 82,500



The information contained herein is believed to be reliable. This information is based on laboratory testing and results. Because of variations in methods, conditions and equipment, each user must test this product to make a judgment of performance. Applicator is responsible for testing material for effectiveness and performance. Manufacturer obligation is limited to the refund of purchase price or replacement of material if proven to be defective. Claims must be made in writing and received within one year from date of product sale to original buyer. Sole remedy shall be replacement of product proven defective.


Before using or handling this material, read the Material Safety Data Sheet and Warranty. EYE, SKIN AND GASTRO-INTESTINAL TRACT AND RESPIRATORY TRACT IRRITANT. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Avoid breathing vapors or mists generated by this product. Use appropriate eye protection, and chemical-resistant gloves. Material is not flammable, but if exposed to fire material may produce irritating vapors and toxic gases (e.g., carbon dioxides and peroxides). KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY.