Commercial System

Durable, Slip-Resistant Surface Protection for Commercial Projects

The Skudo Commercial System is ideal to protect surfaces from construction site damages and spills on large commercial projects. The system consists of two layers:

  • A water-based liquid Base Coat – sold in 5 gallon buckets and
  • A coated Commercial Mat – sold in 2 grades (Heavy Traffic and Medium Traffic), in 800 square foot rolls.

The Skudo Commercial Mat is pressed into the wet Base Coat to create a heavy-duty, slip-resistant barrier that adheres to your protected work surface.

Durable and Reliable

The Skudo Commercial System provides one of the most durable and reliable methods of surface protection available today, saving you the time, labor and materials of a call back at job’s end. The revolutionary design forms an extremely tough outer skin that temporarily adheres to your surface, preventing dirt, debris and grime from getting underneath.

The Skudo Commercial Mat System provides varying levels of protection against:

  • Machinery driven on the surface
  • Scaffolding & shoring
  • Impact from long term foot traffic and dropped materials
  • Water
  • Mold & bacteria
  • UV Exposure (HT only)
  • Spills & stains, including paint, mortar, coffee, cola
  • Rust
  • Mild solvents
  • Sparks & Fire (HT only)
  • Dirt & debris

See what’s been said in a 2013 test at Concrete Decor Magazine – Protecting your Concrete Work Surface on the Job Site

Enhanced Jobsite Safety

There are three ways the Skudo Commercial System creates a safer work environment at busy construction sites:

  1. Unlike other products laid on top of the surface, the Skudo Commercial System adheres to the surface when laid properly. The risk of trips or equipment snagging is greatly reduced.
  2. The Skudo Commercial System is slip-resistant, having achieved the highest slip rating in both wet and dry conditions in laboratory tests:
  3. The Skudo Commercial System is stationary – it won’t move with site activity or strong wind – so it will never drift on or away from the site, taking construction site debris with it.


Isn’t it all about saving time and labor? The Skudo Commercial System can be installed in the early project phases and left on for the job’s duration (up to 12 months for HT). On polished concrete, complete your edgework, then lay the Skudo Commercial System before the walls go up.

Cleans the surface upon removal

When the Skudo Commercial System is peeled up, it takes dirt up with it that was previously on the surface. No need to sweep or spray for clean-up. On renovation jobs, the surface will be cleaner than when the job started.


The Skudo Commercial System creates a “blank canvas” over the floor that can be used for safety signage or advertising for the project’s duration.

Two Grades Available

The Skudo Commercial System comes in two grades, or degrees of protection – Heavy Traffic (HT) and Medium Traffic (MT). Your Skudo representative can help determine the right product to protect your construction environment.


The two Skudo Commercial Mat Grades (HT and MT) each offer varying levels of protection and duration of use.  Below are the most important considerations when assessing which grade of the Skudo Commercial Mat will be appropriate for a given job.

1. Expected Construction Traffic


  • The Skudo HT Commercial System can handle machinery such as forklifts or man lifts.
    • NOTE: If the machinery is large in size or frequency of use is high, we recommend additional protection in the form of physical sheeting or boarding on top of the mat – such as our SkudoBoard HT product line.
  • The MT Commercial System can handle infrequent use of lighter machinery, as well as material carts and foot traffic.

Scaffolding & Shoring:

  • HT and MT Commercial Systems can both handle shoring and scaffolding on top.

2. Duration of Use

The duration of protection provided by the Skudo Commercial System is driven in part by the level of construction traffic involved. In general, the Skudo Commercial System can be expected to perform as follows:

  • HT Commercial System – 12 months
  • MT Commercial System – 9 months (interior only).

3. Interior or Exterior Projects

The HT Commercial System is suitable for both interior and exterior applications, since it provides enough UV protection for the Skudo Base Coat.

The MT Commercial System is for interior use only.

4. Water and Spill Resistance

The HT Commercial System offers the highest water and spill resistance of the two grades of protection available. Spills sit on top of the HT Commercial Mat, giving workers time to mop them up.

The MT Commercial System offers moderate water and spill resistance.

Suitable Substrates

The Skudo Commercial  System is suitable for a variety of substrates, including:

  • Sealed or polished concrete (Cured 14-21+ days)*
  • Raw Concrete – Steel troweled or light broom finished (Cured 14-21+ days)*
  • Terrazzo
  • Epoxy flooring
  • Grouted and sealed natural stones
  • Marble
  • Cured fiberglass
  • Most primed metals
  • Porcelain and ceramic tiles
  • Granite
  • Sealed hardwood
  • Most hard sealed surfaces

Unsuitable Substrates

The Skudo Commercial System is not suitable for certain substrates, including but not limited to:

  • Transparent substrates where UV can affect the Base Coat (see Skudo Glass Advanced)
  • Most linoleums and vinyls – the pH of the Base Coat can affect the surface (see Skudo Tack-Mat)
  • High pH substrates (above 11.0) not neutralized (such as prior to a 14 day cure of concrete)
  • Acid washed concrete
  • Fibrous materials such as carpet, fabric or felt
  • Rubber surfaces
  • Painted substrates
  • Unfilled travertine
  • Pavers
  • Unsealed hardwood
  • White oak (hardwood)
  • Substrates that have had other coatings applied that are not yet fully cured to their manufacturers specifications (such as densifiers, grouts, sealers, guards, epoxies, etc.)
  • Weak or latex based grout on polished concrete

*IMPORTANT: If Concrete is only partially covered with Skudo and the remainder is left unprotected for the duration of construction, this can cause color variance between the protected vs. the unprotected. This comes from exposure to the sun & the elements and differences in evaporation (see images below).

Your Skudo representative can work with you on the usage and limitations of Skudo on various substrates, construction environments and weather conditions. Of particular note:

  • Hardwood, some natural stones and concrete mixes require pre-seal before using Skudo Commercial System.
  • All adhesives have some potential to lift finish coatings or paint depending on the condition and age of the floor surface.  Skudo Commercial System is formulated to work with most common industrial floor surfaces, but you should always test a small piece (12″ x 12″) in a noncritical area before use.

Spot Test

Testing prior to application is critical for complete compatibility even on substrates listed above. Some substrates perform differently due to a range of factors, and it is important to test the surface every time.

Apply the Skudo Base Coat with a brush or roller to a sample test area of approximately 12 square inches. Dry time will vary between 10 to 30 minutes depending on airflow, temperature, humidity and sunlight exposure. Once the Skudo Base Coat is completely dry, peel it up. Inspect the surface for peel-ability, discoloration or staining and unusual residues.

Product Data

Protected in the United States by patent #10190004
Canada patent #2850385


Heavy Traffic (HT) Commercial Mat 

  • SKU# CM-HT-6.5-123
  • 800 sq. ft./roll
  • 6.5’W x 123’L
  • 96 lbs


Medium Traffic (MT) Commercial Mat 

  • SKU# CM-MT-6.5-123
  • 800 sq. ft./roll
  • 6.5’W x 123’L
  • 80 lbs


Concrete Base Coat

  • 5 gallon pail
  • 47 lbs.

Concrete Base Coat Spread Rates

  • Smooth/Troweled Surfaces:
    • 130 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Textured/Medium Broomed Finish
    • Significantly lower than the rate above


Skudo Commercial Mat Squeegee Installation PACK

    (1) 24″ Skudo Squeegee Frame & Blade
    (3) 6 Ft Fiberglass Extension Pole
    (1) Bucket Dolly*
    (2) 18″ Skudo Roller Frame
    (2) 18″ Roller Cover 3/16 NAP
    (1) Mat Cutter (Orange)*
    (1) Cutter replacement blades ( Pack of 5)*
    (1) Wet Film Gauge

* Basic Installation Pack available without these items:



Product Data Sheets

HT Commercial System Product Sheet

MT Commercial System Product Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Skudo Commercial System?

The Skudo Commercial System is a premium temporary surface protection solution that adheres to the substrate, specifically engineered for the commercial and residential construction sectors. The two-part system (Base Coat and Protective Mat) is an extremely robust solution designed to protect damage to surfaces susceptible to damage during ongoing construction. When the time comes, the Skudo Commercial System simply peels away as one from the substrate and can be disposed as general waste.


Can the Skudo Commercial System be installed outside and exposed to the elements?

YES – Skudo Heavy Traffic (HT) Commercial System is engineered for external use, up to 12 months. Medium Traffic (MT) Commercial System is recommended for interior, dried in applications only. Both HT and MT have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.


Is there a difference between the HT and MT Commercial System?

YES -As well as being suitable for exterior use, HT is more durable, it has superior stain resistance properties and is fire retardant (Class 1 fire/flame retardant, meets or exceeds ASTM E648 & NFPA 253 standards)


How long after concrete placement can I install the Skudo Commercial System?

Typically 14 days, however slab thickness, mix design and other conditions can affect the timing

* See Commercial Systems Product Sheet for more information.


Is the Skudo Commercial System slippery?

The Skudo Commercial System has been independently tested by an accredited laboratory as required by ANSI B101.3. Both HT and MT Systems achieved “lower probability of slipping” result.


Does Skudo provide an installation service?

No – Skudo does not install. Skudo does provide onsite training (given sufficient notice) Skudo also provides access to a detailed application training video on our website.


How long does installation take?

Typically a three-person team can install up to 10,000 square feet per day. Remove in manageable widths (say 2 feet) by nicking the edge of the mat with a sharp knife a begin pulling the system away from the substrate. (Skudo Mat Puller is recommended)


What are do’s and don’ts associated with Commercial System installation?

DO – If practical, arrange onsite training prior to installation, or carefully study the detailed written information available and view the comprehensive training video.

Please feel free to reach out to a Skudo Representative in your area to discuss the suitability of any Skudo system prior to purchase and installation.

DO – use correct installation tools (available from Skudo)

DON’T – Dilute the base coat.

DON’T install HT Commercial System outside if rain is forecast in the next 24 hrs.

DON’T install Skudo Commercial System if the substrate / ambient temperature is 40 F (4 C) or below.

DON’T install Skudo Commercial System over the following surfaces.

  • Acid washed concrete
  • Transparent substrates (UV can compromise the base coat)
  • Cheap Linoleum and Vinyl flooring systems
  • Fibrous materials (carpet, fabric, felt etc.)
  • Rubber surfaces, Painted surfaces
  • Heavily textured pavers, unfilled stone and unsealed hardwood
  • Over coatings that have not fully cured to the manufacturer’s specifications (densifiers, sealers, grouts, guards, epoxies etc.) Touch dry is not enough.

*For further information see the HT and MT Commercial System product sheets.


Where can I buy the Skudo Commercial System?

Select the WHERE TO BUY tab, then click on your location on the map.

*Alternatively call Skudo Customer Service at (972) 993-0777 (toll free: 1-888-758-3611), Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Central Time