AC2 Campus (Apple Park)

Surface Type: Concrete, Terrazzo

Proyect Type: Corporate

Contractor: Rudolph & Sletten, McCarthy Builders

Location: Cupertino, CA

Rudolph & Sletten and McCarthy Builders used over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of Skudo Commercial System (HT, and also the now-discontinued LT Commercial) as well as HT Tack-Mat to protect various surfaces while the iconic, unique, and innovative new Apple Headquarters Campus (AC2) in Cupertino, CA was under construction.

Skudo Commercial System was used primarily over concrete in the multi-storied parking structures on the new campus site. HT Commercial System protected the concrete from vehicle traffic and heavy machinery, and LT Commercial (Discontinued) was used in material staging areas.

The main headquarters building used HT Tack Mat to keep terrazzo flooring safe from foot traffic, carts, machinery, spills, and stains.

The AC2 Campus in Cupertino, CA, is truly a unique design. Construction began in 2014 after eight years of planning and officially opened (while still under construction) in 2017. The ring-shaped building is one mile in circumference, with an area of green space with fruit trees and native plants in the center of the structure.

The 4-story building houses more than 12,000 employees and is one of the most seismically sound buildings in the world, using base-isolation technology to reduce earthquake shaking by nearly 80%. The building can shift as much as four feet in any direction when the ground shakes.