New solutions to protect stairs, corners, railing, and exposed edges

NEW Protection Solutions June 2021

At Skudo Temporary Surface Protection, we are constantly looking for new ways to innovate when it comes to keeping your surfaces protected from construction site damage. We regularly meet with project managers and superintendents from leading construction firms, as well as visiting a wide variety of jobsites each year, in order to see the challenges faced by workers on a daily basis.

And now, thanks to your feedback, we are really excited to introduce two new protection solutions for Summer 2021!

SkudoBoard Corner Guard has been specifically designed to fit around corners, wall edges, and stair treads. It has the same high impact resistance as the rest of our SkudoBoard product line, so heavy foot traffic, carts, tools, and materials are no match for this level of protection. Corner Guard is also reusable, fire retardant, water/spill/stain/slip resistant, as well as lightweight and easy to install.

Another exciting new solution is the Skud-O-Tube Rail Guard, an easy protection solution for door handles, metal safety rails, and exposed glass edges. Skud-O-Tube is super lightweight, fire retardant, reusable, and available in two different diameters, depending on your project needs. It can also be cut down to fit any size railing.

As always, if you have any questions, give us a call anytime at 1-888-SKUDO-11 (1-888-758-3611) or contact your regional Skudo expert.

DOWNLOAD our New Product Data Sheets:

SkudoBoard Corner Guard 

Skud-O-Tube Rail Guard