Skudo Contacts by Region

For general sales inquiries, pricing, technical questions, and help finding the perfect Skudo product for your project, please contact one of our knowledgeable representatives below (listed by region).

Eastern U.S.

Northeast & Southeast U.S.A. (Excluding NYC/Manhattan/Newark, Tennessee, and Florida)

Contact: Tom Mason (770) 714-0607


New York City, Manhattan, & Newark, NJ Area


Chris Tessein (609) 802-8996

Gerry Sammarco  (212) 671-2294



Contact: Jim Robinson (561) 268-9885



Contact: Dudley Dolinger (615) 476-1820


Western U.S.

Northern California & Nevada

Contact: Kevin Miller (650) 504-1157


Southern California


Brett Elliott (949) 467-0135

Mike Davis (949) 533-0503


Northwest U.S.A. (ID, MT, OR, WA)


Brett Elliott (949) 467-0135

Mike Davis (949) 533-0503


Central U.S.

Midwest U.S.A. (Great Lakes Region, Northern Plains)

Contact: Tom Mason (770) 714-0607


South Central U.S.A. (AR, KS, LA, MO, OK, TX)

Contact: Chandler Balch (469) 910-4330



Contact: Stan Campbell (780) 719-3408



All other regions not listed above and international inquiries:

Contact: Skudo USA office (888) 758-3611 or send us a message