Skud-O-Tube Rail Guard

Protect Metal Railing, Door Handles, Exposed Edges

Skudo’s NEW Skud-O-Tube Rail Guard protects metal railing, door handles, exposed glass edges, and safety rails while construction is underway. Available in two diameters, Skud-O-Tube is extremely easy to apply, stays in place, and can easily be cut to any length for any size project.

Skudo-O-Tube is also fire/flame retardant, keeping not only your surfaces safe, but workers as well.

Skud-O-Tube is approved for exterior and interior environments. It can be left in place for up to 12 months of protection.

Uses & Benefits

  • Protect metal railing, door handles, safety rails, balconies, etc.
  • High impact – no scratches or scuff marks left behind
  • Fire/Flame retardant
  • Available in two convenient sizes
  • Easily cut to fit any size railing
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to apply

Product Data & Available Sizes


Skud-O-Tube Rail Guard FR – 3”

Product SKU: RAIL-OT-1.5-3.0

3” Outer Width x 1.5” Inner Diameter

48 Inches long

16 pcs per box

Color: Orange


Skud-O-Tube Rail Guard FR – 2.5”

Product SKU: RAIL-OT-1.0-2.5

2.5” Outer Width x 1” Inner Diameter

48 Inches long

16 pcs per box

Color: Orange


Product Data Sheets

Skud-O-Tube Rail Guard Product Sheet