Winter Advisory & Proper Storage Reminders

Stock Up Now Ahead of Freezing Temps!

With snow already in the forecast in the northern regions of the United States and Canada, now is the perfect time to remind our customers regarding the transportation and proper storage of our water-based products. 

Skudo’s liquid products, such as Concrete Base Coat and Glass Advanced, are water-based. If these coatings are exposed to freezing temperatures either in transit or in storage, this can cause irreversible damage and can also render the product unusable.

Shipping these products in winter conditions often requires freeze protection (heated freight). Freeze protection is more expensive than standard freight and only offered by selected carriers. It also may be restricted to certain days of the week and may have limited availability depending on how cold it is (for example, many carriers limit freeze protection to 20°F/-7°C and above). It is important to note as well that while the destination itself may not be freezing, freeze protection may still be required if the freight carrier is traveling through winter conditions during transit.

This is especially important for our customers in areas most prone to winter weather, such as the Northeast, Northern Plains, Pacific Northwest, and Canada. To avoid higher shipping costs and costly job delays, Skudo recommends to stock up on these products now in advance of the cold weather season:

•    Concrete Base Coat 
•    Glass Advanced

NOTE: We have had situations in the past where we were not able to ship these goods for up to a month due to freezing weather conditions

Important reminders regarding the storage of Skudo Concrete Base Coat and Glass Advanced in any weather conditions:

💡 NEVER allow pails/drums to freeze. 

💡 Always store pails/drums out of direct sunlight.

💡Store in a dry area, temperature above 40’F (4’C), below 105’F (40’C). 

Questions? Concerns? Contact Skudo any time at 1-888-SKUDO-11 (1-888-758-3611) or by reaching out to one of our regional Skudo experts.