Skudo on the Job: Construction Marks & Layouts

In addition to being our toughest protection available, one of the major benefits of Skudo’s HT (Heavy Traffic) Commercial System is that it is the perfect canvas for your construction marks and layouts.

Since the HT Commercial System adheres and remains stationary, your construction marks and layouts will not rub off, move, or wash away, nor will they stain your surface. Since the system is also fire retardant and antibacterial/antimicrobial, framing/walls can also be constructed directly on top of it.

You can use Skudo HT Commercial System for any type of construction layout needed, including Wall Layouts, Anchor Points, HVAC Lines, Sprinkler Lines, Plumbing Lines, Door & Window James, Wrapped Openings, Electric Trays, Ceiling Grids, Overhead Units, and more.

Below are just a few examples of layouts on the HT Commercial System: