Concrete Décor Article: Temporary Floor Protection Preserves the Shine Like No Other

Many thanks to our good friends at McCownGordon Construction and Concrete Décor Magazine for this awesome profile of the Turner Middle School project, featuring Skudo HT Commercial System:

Temporary Floor Protection Preserves the Shine Like No Other

Project superintendent Chris Hampton had never used Skudo floor protection products before the Turner Middle School project in Kansas City, Kansas. Now, he says, he won’t use anything else.

“I heard about Skudo during superintendent meetings when we were discussing different products that could be used,” says Hampton, employed by the general contractor McCownGordon, a major construction company headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. The team decided Skudo would best fit Turner Middle School’s needs.

In the past, when Hampton needed floor protection, he used Masonite, plywood or another company’s temporary covering. However, if these coverings shift, “You run the risk of contaminating or staining the concrete or not protecting it at all,” says Hampton, whose specialty focuses on K-12 schools. On this project, he needed to protect stained and polished geometric shapes in the commons — the showpiece of the school.

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