Damage to exposed concrete can lead to costly repairs and cleanup.

Damage to exposed concrete can lead to costly repairs and cleanup.

If you work with concrete, you’re familiar with the damages that can be caused with insufficient surface protection – lack of uniformity in color, chips, cracks, stains, residue. Let Skudo help you avoid these costly damages on raw or polished concrete by protecting it from machinery, impact, stains, rust and more.

Most Commonly Used Products for Concrete:
Commercial System
All-Terrain Mat 
SkudoBoard HT

Skudo Commercial Mat System works very well as a temporary surface protection solution for sealed or polished concrete, or concrete that has been cured at least 14 days (Heavy Traffic, or HT, being the only product recommended for exterior use).

With polished concrete, Skudo also gives you the flexibility to polish before the walls and framing go up – saving you the time and labor of doing edge work.

Product Note

The Commercial System cannot be laid on concrete within the first 14 days of a pour due to the high alkalinity (high pH) of fresh concrete, unless it has been treated to deal with the pH issue. We are currently working to reduce this waiting time so Skudo can be applied to protect your concrete as soon as possible following a pour.

With old or 28+ day cured concrete there is generally no concern unless residues are still present. Therefore, it is always a good idea to do a cleansing wash. Spot trial and peel is always recommended.

Project Examples
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