Skudo Commercial System: Assessing Suitability for Your Project

Commercial System Application

The Skudo Commercial System is a unique protection product, compatible to a broad range of environments/situations. Some criteria must be considered when assessing suitability for your project, specifically your concrete.

The system is a unique 2 component breathable protection solution: (1) Peelable Base Coat primer and (2) Commercial Protection Mat

The real technology in the system is the Base Coat, however like many products it does have some limitations. We recommend that the Skudo Commercial system not be applied to a fresh concrete slab until 21 days after the pour. This is mainly due to the degrading effect high PH in fresh concrete has on the Base Coat, so we will often need to wait for the PH to drop somewhat. The other reason is due to potential hydration lines in the surface concrete.

Of course, every slab, its mix and its conditions are different, therefore in most cases this waiting time can be brought forward.

Factors that will effect the recommendation for the Commercial System to be applied early:

  • Concrete mix
    • Any water reducing admixtures?
  • Vapor barrier
    • Is there one?
  • Slab thickness
    • The thicker the slab, the more moisture the slab has in it.
  • Final finish / look of surface
    • If the concrete will be polished later, this means you can apply the system earlier, as the grinding process may give you some forgiveness.
    • If the surface is porous or is acid washed, then it is probably not going to be suitable for a Commercial System application
  • Other coatings / finishes – Cures, guards, sealers, etc
    • Depending upon what coating needs to be applied and its cure time, these can sometimes effect the peelability of the Base Coat and may have to be applied after the Commercial System is removed.

If you are uncertain as to whether or not Commercial System is suitable for your project, never hesitate to reach out to a Skudo expert in your area to discuss the job details and recommended application timing.