NOW AVAILABLE: SkudoBoard Interlock Fabric Back!

Introducing SkudoBoard Interlock Fabric Back – the latest addition to Skudo’s best-selling SkudoBoard product line!

Our award-winning SkudoBoard Interlock features the same heavy duty strength and extreme impact resistance of our SkudoBoard HT Fabric Back. The unique interlocking tabs keep the board from slipping and moving out of place while also eliminating the hassle of taping the boards together. The textured surface of SkudoBoard Interlock spreads impact loads under forklifts and machinery, while the fabric-back underside simultaneously protects your damage sensitive surfaces from staining, chipping, and scratches.

Features & Benefits
• Protect all surfaces from construction, machinery, and foot traffic
• Lightweight, quick and easy to handle size 45″ x 45″
• Simple to layout, pack up, and reuse as needed 
• Fire retardant
• Test proven slip-resistance in wet and dry conditions 
• Replaces curling Masonite and plywood
• Extremely high impact resistance – spreads impact loads
• Ideal for forklift and material cart protection
• Far superior to cardboard and plastic protection products
• Interlocking tabs hold boards in place without slipping or moving
• Edge pieces included to fill in gaps when placing against walls