New Product Spotlight: Edge Protect Tack-Mat


Skudo’s New Edge Protect Tack-Mat offers the same outstanding protection of Skudo LT Construction Tack-Mat, but has been specifically designed for easy application around edges. No longer any need to cut down rolls, eliminating excess waste. Edge Protect is already perfectly sized to protect indoor framing, windows, ledges, railing, door jams, and more.

Skudo Edge Protect Tack-Mat provides interior surface protection for commercial and residential projects for up to 12 months.

Edge Protect Tack-Mat is currently available in the following convenient sizes:
• 8.5” wide x 50’ long (33.3 sq. ft)
• 12” wide x 82’ long (82 sq. ft)

For more information, or to find out if Edge Protect Tack-Mat is right for your next project: