Introducing Our Enhanced Surface Protection Solutions: The Next Generation of Skudo Column Guard and Door Defense

We’re excited to announce the arrival of our revamped SkudoBoard Column Guard and Skudo Door Defense, designed with your convenience and protection needs in mind. At Skudo, we’re committed to continuously improving our products to better serve our valued customers, and these latest updates are a testament to that dedication.

Column Guard: More Compact Yet Powerful

We’ve listened to your feedback, and we understand the importance of ease of use when it comes to surface protection. That’s why we’re proud to introduce a smaller, more manageable version of SkudoBoard Column Guard, measuring  3.3′ wide x 123′ length. Despite its reduced size, rest assured that it maintains the same high level of durability and effectiveness you’ve come to expect from Skudo. Now applying protection to columns in tight spaces or crowded areas is easier than ever before.

Door Defense: Adjustable to Fit Your Needs

One size certainly does not fit all when it comes to doors. That’s why we’ve redesigned Skudo Door Defense to accommodate eight different standard door sizes, ranging from 36″ x 48″ to 48″ x 96″.  With perforated sections that are easy to cut or fold inward, you can now protect various entrances with ease and confidence, knowing that your doors are shielded from damage during construction or renovation.

Available Now: Order Yours Today

Both the new Column Guard and Door Defense are now in stock. Don’t wait to upgrade your surface protection strategy with these innovative solutions. Whether you’re a contractor, remodeler, or facility manager, investing in quality protection for your valuable surfaces is always a wise decision.

Ready to experience the next generation of surface protection? Contact us today to place your order for the new Column Guard and Door Defense!

Download: Column Guard Brochure

Download: Door Defense Brochure


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