Texas A&M University – AG Building 5

Surface Type: Hardwood | Laminate | LVT

Proyect Type: School: Higher Education

Contractor: Spawglass

Location: College Station, TX

Spawglass used Skudo LT Tack-Mat to protect laboratory stations while the new AG Building 5 was under construction at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX.

The new building will provide 84,000-square-feet of space for new offices, classrooms and laboratories, including the Molecular Biology of Plant Defense Responses Research Lab, Molecular Epidemiological Modeling of Plant Pathogen Spread Lab, Fungal Development Biology Research Lab, Environmentally Controlled Plant-Microbe Growth Chamber Facility and a greenhouse facility. (Source: Texas A&M)

Client Testimonial

The Skudo LT Tack Mat worked great for our delicate Laboratory countertops. The owner had specific requests to make sure the countertops were not scratched during construction. They even went as far as to tell us how to install them. We did listen but we needed to make sure these tops were not damaged by work that had to occur after their install. Skudo LT Tack Mat provided us with an easily installed protection system to place on our countertops.

Chris Rhoden, Project Manager/Employee Owner

Project Images