Kitchen & Bath

Insufficient protection for a kitchen or bath project can result in costly damage and repairs

Kitchens and bathrooms often have a variety of surface types, such as tile, marble, porcelain, cabinetry, linoleum, glass, granite countertops, and metals (i.e. stainless steel).

Whether you are building a kitchen or bathroom from the ground up, renovating or remodeling, or just completing final improvements such as installing lighting or painting, inadequate protection for these surface types could easily cost you additional time and money if damaged.

Protect them all with Skudo, which can temporarily adhere to and protect virtually any kitchen or bath surface.

Most Commonly Used Products for Kitchen and Bath 
Construction Tack-Mat (Counter Mat, Edge Protect)
Glass Advanced (for glass, porcelain, metals)

Project Examples

Kitchen & Bath Project Examples Photo Sheet