Glass & Metal

Construction debris and other materials can easily damage unprotected glass and framing.

Unprotected glass can become damaged easily while in transport or in a busy construction environment. Cement, paint, stucco, debris and other materials can easily adhere to glass, metal, or framing. It is also difficult to remove without damaging the surface, leading to costly repair, delays, and replacements. Sparks from machinery, grinding, or welding can also cause damage as well.

Most Commonly Used Products for Glass and Metal:
Glass Advanced
Construction Tack-Mat (interior only)

Knowing that glass presents a unique set of challenges for the construction industry, Skudo specifically developed Glass Advanced to protect these surfaces with an easily applied liquid that dries into a tough protective film which simply peels off once the job is complete.

Skudo Glass Advanced is also regularly used by stainless steel manufacturers to protect tanks, parts, and other products from damage during transport and storage.

Product Note

Skudo Glass Advanced cannot be applied to acrylic surfaces. It will bond permanently. It can be applied to Low-e (low emissivity) glass.

Skudo Glass Advanced is available in transparent or tinted (opaque) finish.

Project Examples

Glass & Metal Project Examples Photo Sheet