This application guide is applicable to the following product lines:

Skudo Heavy Traffic (HT) Tack-Mat

Skudo Light Traffic (LT) Tack-Mat

Skudo High Impact (HI) Tack-Mat

Skudo Edge Protect

Skudo Counter Mat

All Skudo Tack-Mats are applied by aligning the Tack-Mat against the wall or surface edge, then peeling the release paper and pressing it down. For best results, work in pairs and press the Mat in with a dry paint roller.



IMPORTANT – Read Before Applying:

  • Skudo Tack-Mat should NOT be applied to:
    – Concrete
    – Limestone
    – Non-factory finished hardwood flooring
  • INTERIOR USE ONLY. All Skudo Tack-Mat products are intended for interior use only and is not suited for areas that will be exposed to inclement weather and wind. If exposure to the elements is a concern, Skudo recommends the Heavy Traffic (HT) Commercial Mat System. Please consult with your Skudo representative for more details.
  • All adhesives have the potential to lift finished coatings or paint depending on the condition and age of the surface. Testing a small piece in a non-critical area will help you judge suitability for use.
  • If applying to hardwood flooring, only use Skudo Tack-Mat on sealed hardwood with a hard wearing factory finished surface (eg : Aluminum Oxide). If in question, please contact Skudo for suitability testing.
  • Tack Mat can be applied to vertical surfaces. However, space must be conditioned as humidity can cause this system to release from the substrate.
  • Always consult with your Skudo Representative to determine which Skudo product is best suited for your project.

Application Process

Before applying be sure you have reviewed the product information for Substrate Suitability. Click on each step below for a full explanation and visual.

  1. Tack-Mat Application Step 1

    Step 1:

    Peel back 3 to 4 feet of the release paper from the back of the mat. Fold this back underneath the Tack-Mat roll.

  2. Tack-Mat Application Step 2

    Step 2:

    Align the roll to ensure a straight application.
    Attach the tacky side to the surface and press in the mat firmly.

  3. Step 3:

    When first roll is completed, begin the second row, overlapping the mat by 2 inches. On HT Tack-Mat and also for extra durability on LT and HI Tack-Mat, apply vinyl or duct tape to the overlap joints.

  4. Step 4:

    Continue installing until the entire area is protected. Tack-Mat can be lifted for inspection or to smooth out wrinkles and press back into place.
    Your surface is now protected.

  5. Use on Vertical Surfaces

    For use on vertical surfaces, simply peel the release paper and fully press the Tack-Mat into the surface to be protected.
    Please note that for vertical application, the space must be conditioned in order to prevent the mat from prematurely separating from the substrate.

  6. Application on Stairs

    Start at the bottom and pull the release paper up while moving the roll up the stairs. Press the Tack-Mat onto all the treads and risers.


To remove Tack-Mat, simply lift a corner and peel it off the surface.  If desired, you can re-use Tack-Mat in another area as long as the back coating remains sticky.