Skudo Tack-Mats are your peel and stick surface protection solution. Construction Tack-Mats, Flooring Tack-Mats and Marine Tack-Mats each applied by aligning the Tack-Mat against the wall or surface edge, then peeling the release paper and pressing it down.  All come in 560 sq. ft. rolls.  For best results, work in pairs and press the Mat in with a dry paint roller.



Application Process

Before applying be sure you have reviewed the product information for Substrate Suitability.

Click on each step below for a full explanation and visual.

  1. Tack-Mat Application Step 1

    Step 1:

    Start by finding where the release paper joins the clear plastic film on the back of the Tack-Mat.

    Peel back 3 to 4 feet of the release paper. Fold this section back underneath the Tack-Mat roll.

  2. Tack-Mat Application Step 2

    Step 2:

    Making sure to properly align the roll to ensure a straight application. Attach the tack side to the surface, press in the Tack-Mat firmly.


  3. Step 3:

    Ensure that the right side of the Tack-Mat is facing toward the inside of the area to be covered.

    This side has the plastic film on the back extended past the edge of the Mat – this side goes underneath the next section or application pass.

  4. Step 4:

    Once one row is completed, unpeel 4-5 feet of the release paper and align the edge with the edge of the first row.

    Keep Tack-Mat pulled tight, overlap the Mats by 1 inch, smoothing Mat onto surface.

    The Tack-Mat will stick to the surface of the other Mat.

  5. Step 5:

    Continue the process until the entire area is covered. The Skudo Tack-Mat can be lifted for inspection or readjusted as needed at any time.

    Now your surface is protected.

  6. Stairs:

    Skudo Tack-Mats are a great solution for protecting stairs on any type* (such as Concrete, Marble, Tile, and Hardwood)

    Start from the bottom and pull the release paper up while moving the roll up the stairs – ensure to push / press the Tack-Mat down onto all the treads and risers.

    *Please see your Skudo representative to determine which version of Tack-Mat is best suited for your project. 


To remove Tack-Mats, simple lift a corner and peel it off the surface.  If desired, you can re-use Tack-Mat in another area as long as the back coating remains sticky.